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How to Enroll for Music Instruction

After first reading about our lessons, camps and workshops elsewhere on Kaspermusic.com, please take a few minutes to fill out this electronic intake questionnaire. Doing so does not obligate you to pay for musical instruction.

Just curious? Not sure yet? This is your first step.

This Enrollment Application is an interactive online signup form for Voice, Guitar, Piano, and Songwriting Lessons; and Kaspermusic Kids' Camps, and Adults' Workshops. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 Fill out your contact information. Note that some fields are required. Use Tab key to navigate. Please follow normal capitalization rules for typing. If you're using your AutoFill function, check carefully for accuracy.
Step 2 Enter the student's name and enrollment info. This section will appear when you have completed Step 1. Keep in mind: age guidelines; scheduling preferences; one application per student. Make sure your information is complete and accurate; this form will represent you all year.
Step 3 Press "Submit Application" when finished. To enroll additional students without retyping your contact info, press "Submit & Enroll Another Student." If you hit a snag, Refresh/Reload to erase and start over.

Privacy policy - Any personal information you share with us is kept absolutely private.
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Step 1- Account/Contact Information

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