Camps & Workshops

Looking for something beyond your regular weekly lessons?

Check out our summer day-camps for children and workshops and classes for teens and adults. These are perfect for students who want to delve more deeply into their study, as well as for those who want a shorter time commitment. Beginners welcome!

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kaspermusic offered virtual camps via Zoom. We've designed our popular summer day-camps as distance learning opportunities that are adventures in musical fun! Our camps are well-paced with plenty of creative activities and breaks to keep kids happy.

Master instructors Jocelyn Kasper, M.F.A., and Jonathan Kasper, Ed.D., teach individually and as a team. While we suggest age ranges for each offering, we're happy to consider exceptions. See upcoming dates below and enroll. All locations are at Kaspermusic Conservatory unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: We are putting our summer camps on hiatus while Jonathan Kasper is busy in the recording studio producing more albums of original rock songs. We are still available for fun musical activities and lessons for kids (and adults) throughout the summer.

For All Ages

An excellent opportunity to experience solo singing instruction in front of a group of peers. Bring a favorite song, and have fun in a performance setting. Songwritingers are welcome. Professional accompanist on piano, or sing a capella, or self-accompany. Read more about our Master Classes.

Grade K and up
90-120 minutes, weekends
2024 [Choose hybrid COVID-safe in person or virtual]: Sundays, Feb 11; Apr 21, Jun 9, Sept 15, Nov 10
Time: 1-3 PM
Fee: $60 /participant, $30/auditor

Take your playing to the next level. Develop more confidence and skill in a fun group setting. Prepare for recitals or other performance opportunities with supportive peers. Read more about our Master Classes.

Grade K and up
90 minutes, weekends
2024 [Choose hybrid COVID-safe in person or virtual]: Sundays, Feb 11; Apr 21, Jun 9, Sept 15, Nov 10
Time: 3:30-5 PM
Fee: $50/participant, $25/auditor

Have you ever wondered what Voice, Guitar and Piano Lessons are like? Here's a great chance to sample some singing, strumming and keyboarding . Parents get time off or can join in the fun.

Grade K and up
Approximately 90 minutes, by appointment
Fee: $50/participant (minimum, four students)


Start a new musical tradition. The family that plays together stays together. Does your little one march to the beat of a different drummer? Your big one?

Experience the power of music to get everyone in harmony. Express yourself, listen to others. Your family will bond during this entertaining hour and learn some basic skills to have fun with at home.

All ages
60 minutes, one family, by appointment
Fee: $75 for your whole family

Celebrate your child's birthday at Kaspermusic Conservatory. Jonathan and Jocelyn Kasper present an exciting event that creates fun musical memories. Themes include Group Songwriting, Guitar & Piano Jam, Sing-Along Songfest, Voice Contest, and more.

You provide the refreshments, paperware, candles, favors, and decorations. We provide a comfortable facility, musical instruments, instruction, and entertainment. All children receive a special gift toward Kaspermusic lessons or camps.

90-120 minutes, weekends by appointment
Fee: $250 for Kaspermusic students, $300 for non-Kaspermusic students, for up to 15 guests.

Camps for Kids

This exciting day-camp gives your child an introduction to basic skills on guitar and piano. For those already taking lessons, here's a great opportunity to make music together with friends.

Enjoy fun group activities and one-on-one instruction. Children play by ear and learn how to make music together on the spot! Read more about our Guitar & Piano Jam Camp.

Rising grades K-4
Five days, M-F (separate morning and afternoon sessions)
Location: TBD

Explore the creative side of music making. Co-writing with their buddies, musical children create unique and exciting songs and learn the basics of chord theory and lyric writing.

Whether writing, strumming or singing, kids discover they can be songwriters, too! Read more about our Songwriting Camp.

Rising grades 2-6
Five days, M-F, 12:30-4:00 PM
Location: TBD

La-la-la! Kum-ba-yah! Kids are introduced to songs and rounds from the thousands on hand in the Kaspermusic Library. They learn basic vocal techniques and explore ear training.

Multiply the fun by learning how to improvise and harmonize. Gather 'round the "campfire," and learn all the best-known songs everybody wants to sing! Read more about our Sing-Along Songfest.

Rising grades K-5
Five days, M-F, 8:00-11:30 AM

Workshops for Teens and Adults

Connect voice to body and soul. Speak and sing with one authentic voice based in the freely moving body. Enjoy a day of discovering your expressive voice. Yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathwork) support and open the natural flow of easy voice use. Read more about our Yoga & the Natural Voice Workshop.

Co-taught with Julie Russell, yoga instructor
Rising grades 9-Adult
Date: TBD
Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fee: $95, early-bird $75

A program of vocal play and discovery which includes Vocal Aerobics™ exercises, integrating body movement and vocalizing, followed by the Nashville Singing Circle,™ improvisational singing of familiar songs in community, the natural way. Read more about our Embodied Voice Classes.

Rising grades 9-Adult
Fees: $25 for one, $80 for four-pack.

Dust off that old guitar and come on down! Learn to play guitar on your own or with a buddy. Come to the Pickin' Party and jam! Tunes, chords, barring and bending. It's all easier than you think. What are you waiting for?

Rising grades 9-Adult
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM
Fee: $75, early-bird $65
Special: Take both for $135, early-bird $120

Don't put it off any longer - be part of the Nashville way and discover your inner songwriter. Learn the basics of chord theory and lyric writing and turn your ideas, poems and dreams into songs that will inspire.

Rising grades 9-Adult
Time: 1-4 PM
Fee: $75, early-bird $65
Special: Take both for $135, early-bird $120

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Ella has really enjoyed the camp! Thank you

- M. G.

Grace is having a great time and came home last night wanting to play more guitar!

- J. S.

You have always been a constant in my life for the past 11 years. I am so grateful for all you have taught me, not only musically but in life as well. Taking lessons with you has helped me break out of my shell and become more confident in myself.

- R. M.

[Joceyn Kasper] was such a great teacher and always so wonderfully positive! Never judged. I still remember things she taught me all those decades ago..these years I’ve found my voice again. Singing makes a person healthy and happy!

- J. R.

You are such a resource and inspiration to my being.

- H. S.

I got a book a while back: "A Classical Approach to Jazz Piano." I looked closely at it in the store, to be sure that I could deal with it, and thanks to my brief tenure with Jocelyn Kasper, I saw that I could.

- B. T.

I loved my lessons with Ms. Kasper. She always made me feel like a good piano player, even though I wasn't!

- A. J.

Thank you so much for teaching Jackson. He loved you as a teacher and he learned so much. He loves the instrument as a result and you were great with the kids! Thanks again,

- L. S.

Many thanks for your great teaching ability!! Carter very much enjoyed your class!

- A. C.

Glad to see that Graham enjoys this and is actually learning something (thanks to you!). I'll need to be better about helping him stick to a practice schedule. Thanks again,

- R. I.

Thanks for a great year. Kiran really enjoyed it and… is keen to buy an electric guitar.

- M. T.

Thank you so much for working with Mack this year. He has improved so much and he loves guitar! You do a great job with him. He needs direction and consistent discipline and he repsonds VERY WELL to you! It is amazing to see his interest and focus as you…

- B.F.H.

Thank you for a wonderful year!

- K. H.

Thank you so much for teaching my son… the guitar. Will loved taking lessons and I enjoyed watching his growing appreciation for music. I enjoyed the recital and appreciate all the hard work you have done. Thank you so much for all you added to our lives.

- J. H. H.

Landon loved his first lesson. I was amazed how much he learned in a 30 minute lesson. :)

- M. C.

You are the best teacher ever and if I am doing well it is due to YOU!

- S. M. R.

Ethan would love to continue guitar lessons with you in the Fall. Thank you for all that you've done. I am amaized at the results, considering how little Ethan practiced at home! Thanks again,

- M. T.

Thanks so much for teaching Henry this past semester. He really enjoyed it.

- J. Mc.

Thanks for a great lesson today… just when you think you have a piece down pat, there are so many more ways to improve it and make it ever more musical!

- D. N.

Thanks for your very clear explanations and instructions and your encouragement and great enthusiasm for life and MUSIC!

- H. S.

Thanks for teaching Will. He loves your class.

- C. M.

After one short lesson, MacGregor jumped into the car and played the theme from Mission Impossible ALL THE WAY HOME! Thank you for opening the world of music to him - by teaching him the guitar!

- J. M.

I am a former voice student of Jocelyn Kasper. I can say without a doubt she helped me to become a more confident singer. I wholehearted recommend her to anyone.

- T. W.

I sang some this morning for the first time since my last lesson and it was so relaxing, it is amazing what singing and music in general can do for one's psychology!

- D. N.

Jolie really loved music class and absolutely loves to sing.

- C. S. G.

I have enjoyed seeing olivia progress over the year. she's more confident, she sings from her diaphragm, proudly projecting! it's great to see her enthusiasm. i'm grateful for your instruction and guidance.

- A. N.

Your relationship with Fiona is very special. She admires you very much.

- N. M.

Thank you so much for all your support and understanding yesterday, it helped very much to just be able to talk to you about it.

- D. N.

I've learned so much from you, not only about singing and music, but about life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- H. H.

Thank you for teaching me how to sing better! I've had so much fun during voice lessons.

- J. M.

Cannot express my gratitude at having you in my life!!

- G. F.

I enjoyed our summer lessons with Schubert. You opened up a treasure trove for me I never even knew existed.

- D. N.

Jocelyn, you've taught me so much. You're a great teacher and I'm going to miss you.

- M. W.

I asked him yesterday if he wanted to keep taking guitar and he said "yes mam' as long as I can I want to!!" That is very encouraging!

- B. F. H.

Thank you for never giving up on me! You are the best :-)

- A. S.

... a wonderful voice lesson ... I feel I am learning so much ... about what singing really means!

- D. N.

Thank you for your encouragement. I feel like I have a voice after your excellent, precise, professional instruction. You are a master ...

- S. M. R.